Our trademarks

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Enni Foods is the largest manufacturer of quick foods. For 75 years we have been responding with reciprocity to the love of our customers, sending every day tasty, healthy, and easy-to-cook foods to all corners of our country. And everywhere these foods are impatiently waited for by those who share our main belief: food must bring joy!

Today, Enni Foods produces over 100 names of various foods, many of which are still fondly remembered by our grandfathers and grandmothers.

We still produce natural instant coffee, ground coffee and coffee seeds under the legendary trademark «Coffee from Odessa»®. The most colorful of our brands, «Aunt Sonia»®, represents a whole line of quick foods: soups, baking mixes, seasonings, spices, and food additives.

In 2011 we introduced a new coffee trademark: «Borneo»®.

We have developed original soup recipes «Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food!»® without sodium glutamate, colorants, and preservatives. As a result, we came up with a product that preserves consumer’s health.

Thanks to a unique, patented technology we have created a new innovative product: «Black Camel Espresso»®, which represents a combination of instant and micro-granulated ground coffee.

We know very well how highly you value own time and own health; that’s why our foods are very simple and easy to cook, and after eating them your face will light up with a happy smile.

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