«Aunt Sonia — Healthy Food!»: an innovation in the world of soups

Tasty and healthy soups are simply a must for those who care of own health. The market research and studies of consumer preferences dictated the need to produce foods under a new trademark, «Aunt Sonia — Healthy Food!».

«Aunt Sonia — Healthy Food!»™ has a characteristic that the potential consumer is very interested in – naturalness of ingredients. We have developed original soup recipes without sodium glutamate, colorants, and preservatives. As a result, we came up with a product that preserves consumer’s health.

 In «Aunt Sonia — Healthy Food!»™ soups, the flavor is enhanced by the yeast extract.

Yeast extract is currently considered a newest and revolutionary ingredient. This natural and nutritional component gives the soup a broth-like taste and pleasant flavor and improves digestion. It contains amino acids, vitamins (especially of group B), macro- and microelements, such as iron, potassium, calcium, manganese. Yeast extract does not contain cholesterol, saturated fatty acid, or allergens. Yeats extract helps reduce salt content by 60% while preserving the excellent taste.

A wide range of our natural and healthy soups comes in dry stock and packet form. Choose your favorite taste and enjoy cooking it!