About us

Food that brings joy!

Founded in 1862 in Odesa, «Enni Foods» is one of the leading FMCG manufacturers in Ukraine today and the oldest domestic operator of the food market. During these 150 years the world has changed, but we continue to move forward with confidence, actively expanding our presence on not only Ukrainian but now European market as well. We continuously improve our portfolio of brands so favored by consumers. One-and-a-half-century-old traditions, advanced technologies, and high professionalism stand behind our products. We are proud of our trademarks «Tyotia Sonia», «Odesskiy Kofe», «Yunga», «Borneo», «Tyotia Sonia – Na Zdorovie!», «Black Camel Espresso», which won awards at specialized fairs and festivals. Our most important achievement is the customer trust, which we truly value.

«Enni Foods» today:

Over 100 food brand names
We produce natural and instant coffee and coffee drinks; soups that require cooking and instant soups; spices and seasonings; dry mixes for cakes, cookies, custards, and many other. And that list grows every day.

100% quality control
Our production facility has an accredited laboratory that features modern controlling and analytical equipment. It does efficient analysis of both incoming raw and other materials and the finished products to ensure their high quality and excellent taste.

Investments in the future
Remaining true to the good old traditions, we at the same time devote huge attention to innovative technologies, market research, and training of young specialists.