Goals and principles

Our most important belief and the motto never change:

«Food must bring joy!»

These words convey the meaning of what sake we work for. We want bring people joy by creating tasty, healthy, safe, and easy-to-cook foods for them. We try to improve the quality of life by using natural raw foods and advanced technologies which allow to preserve valuable nutritional and taste qualities.

Our goal is to become the world’s quality leader in food processing industry.

We at «Enni Foods» are confident that this mission can be achieved only by adhering to the following principles:

We value trust of our customers like nothing else. That’s why we are always open to other ideas and opinions and try to meet their requests as fully as possible.

We never depart even for a whisker from high quality standards which help us objectively assess our every action.

We highly value the skills of every employee, which gives us maximum pleasure and results from work we do. We encourage free exchange of ideas and development in the course of work. We are equal in the trust and responsibility for the company’s reputation.

Social responsibility
We help development of the society’s social and economic fabric, protect its health, and advocate environmental friendliness. We provide safe labor conditions to all our employees.

Progress is possible in motion only. New developments and technologies help us retain leadership in quality, develop existing and reach new sales markets, and make our products more affordable.

We at «Enni Foods» try to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, customers, and business partners. In our work we expect from our partners devotion to the principles and standards of doing business which we adhere to ourselves.