Black Camel Espresso


Our rich experience in coffee production helped us create a new innovative product: Black Camel Espresso. Thanks to a unique, patented technology this product represents a combination of instant and micro-granulated ground coffee. Black Camel Espresso combines a rich taste and flavor of ground coffee and at the same time the simplicity of production of instant coffee.

Black Camel Espresso contains only 15% of ground coffee, but that’s enough for the consumer to enjoy the taste of freshly-fried coffee which, as we all know, has richer taste and flavor. The ideal taste is achieved by the coffee seeds being first fried, then micro-granulated, and only after that the ground coffee is added to its instant counterpart.


Given a rapid pace of life of the modern people, they often lack time to brew coffee. Many consumers want instant coffee to have a richer taste and flavor closer to what the ground coffee has. Thanks to Black Camel Espresso, people may not only make and drink a cup of coffee but also enjoy a rich flavor of freshly-ground Arabica.

Black Camel Espresso comes in five different packaging formats:

- 100 and 50 g tin can

- 150 and 75 g soft package

- 2 g serving-size package (stick)

A cup of Black Camel Espresso will bring you excellent mood and charge you with vigor for the whole day. Try it once, and you’ll fall in love with it forever!



1 August 2012