BorneoTM: sunny coffee

We have developed and launched production of a new coffee brand, BorneoTM. The new brand was developed jointly with Polaris Branding Agency. The objective was to create new coffee flavors and a new packaging design. Borneo coffee is made from seeds which absorbed the energy of the sun and were grown in the clean environment of the Indian Ocean islands. The unique climate and 320 days of sunshine per year help ripening of the best coffee seeds. The product’s recipes were developed to accommodate the preferences of Ukrainian consumers. As a result, we came up with a coffee that has rich taste and light bitterness. The product line includes natural ground coffee, coffee seeds, instant coffee, and coffee sticks. Everybody will discover own Borneo for yourself. The packaging: lithographed tin cans, packs, and sticks are made from materials that have high barrier properties and preserve the product’s taste and flavor. The packaging design is «diluted» with rich natural colors. The «sunny coffee» from BorneoTM creates a warm atmosphere and brings pleasure from drinking a truly high-quality natural coffee.






борнео стик


борнео упаковка


20 February 2012