Production of Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food! natural soups has begun

 «Тетя Соня – На здоровье!»

Healthy and tasty soups are simply a must for those who care about own health. Aunt SoniaTM soups have long won the consumer recognition. Market research and the studies of consumer preferences have dictated the need for production of foods under a new trademark: Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food!TM The new brand was developed jointly with Polaris Branding Agency. The objective was to create a new logo and new packaging design. Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food!TM has a feature that will surely attract the potential consumer – naturalness of all ingredients. We have developed original soup recipes without sodium glutamate, colorants, and preservatives.

In the end, we came up with a food that meets the today’s requirements. In Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food!TM soups, the taste is enhanced by yeast extract. This nutritional natural food (ingredient) gives the soup a broth-like taste and pleasant flavor and improves digestion. It contains amino acids, vitamins (especially of group В), macro and microelements, in particular, iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese. Yeast extract does not contain cholesterol or saturated fatty acid. The new packaging design was developed with the changed range of our colors. The abundance of light tones places a stronger emphasis on such an advantage of this food as easiness in cooking it: with Aunt Sonia – Healthy Food!TM, any soup will be ready in just 15 minutes! The wide range of our natural and healthy soups comes in dry soup stock and packaged form. Choose what suits your taste the best and cook with your heart! We are confident that we know the tastes of our customers.
Take a good care of your health!

22 February 2012