The first coffee tin can in Ukraine turns 45!

Odessa Coffee 1967

In 1967, Odesa Food Concentrates Factory has issued the first coffee tin can in Soviet Ukraine.

Since then the can’s dimensions and design were changing, but for 45 years now we preserve our tradition: the majority of coffee is packaged in tin cans. This packaging preserves all tones of coffee taste and flavor which brings true pleasure to consumers and is rightfully considered the company’s pride. Today, we offer coffee in modernized tin cans with lithography and easy-peel lids. Special plastic lids are used to provide extra protection.

 Tin packaging inflicts minimum harm upon the environment as its decay time in earth is approximately 10 years, whereas packaging made from polymeric materials may decay for 100 or more years.

 Tin cans: esthetic appearance, convenient to use, and cost-effective.

26 March 2012