Hot chocolate “Yunga”, PACKET 180g

Hot chocolate “Yunga” is a thick chocolate drink for children and adults, incredibly tasty and healthy. Try the new product and enjoy the delicate chocolate taste and unique aroma. Hot chocolate can be used to make desserts, fondues, cocktails or as a topping for fruit and ice cream.

Type of packaging: 180 g packet, 10 servings.

Cooking instructions

The mixture is designed for 1 liter of milk and 10 servings of ready hot chocolate.

Cooking on the stove: 

  • dissolve the bag contents (180 g) in 250 ml of milk at room temperature, add the rest of the milk (750 ml), and bring to a boil, stirring continuously.

Cooking in the microwave: 

  • put 3 teaspoons of the mixture (18 g) into a glass and mix thoroughly with 100 ml of milk at room temperature,
  • cook in the microwave at maximum power for ≈ 90 seconds (bring to a boil).

Bon appétit!

Safety and quality are guaranteed by the HACCP system.
All natural.