Cocoa with milk “Yunga”, sugar free, packet 150g

“Yunga” is an incredibly delicious, nutritious and healthy product made exclusively from ingredients of the highest quality.Instant cocoa is quick to make, requiring no brewing time – just what you need at the modern pace of life. Just add hot water.  The drink is recommended for people who care about their health. It contains a fairly large amount of protein, there are such important elements as zinc and iron, folic acid, which is essential for normal growth, as well as for the stimulation of the circulatory and immune systems. Cocoa drink has a delicate chocolate-milk flavour, which will lift your spirits and give you an energy boost for the day!

Cooking instructions

  1. Pour 150-170 ml of hot, but not boiling water (~ 80 °C) onto 3 teaspoons (12 g) of the dry drink “Yunga”.
  2. Stir thoroughly.

Bon appétit!

Safety and quality are guaranteed by the HACCP system.
All natural.